Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Portfolio (photography)

My 2D-Design portfolio is on degradation of humans. Or maybe just degradation in general, because it's becoming hard to find pictures. This is what I have so far. (this is both some breadth and concentration.)

Portfolio (drawing)

I decided I should update on what my portfolio looks like. My concentration is strange and unusual uses for a box. and I've changed my ideas throughout this concentration by going from random drawings to compassionate, meaningful pieces that hopefully.. catch the viewer. Some are funny. Some are serious. I'm also missing my latest ones. But those will be at the show. I'll also do an update on my photo portfolio.
Our senior art show is tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Yesterday I was out crabbing, looking for a few pictures to finish my emulation project and helping Travis find some dinner. I'll be finishing that roll of film and getting it developed this week. But I did take some pictures on the digital camera. Blue crabs are beautiful and they have a strange color unlike any other animal.

"what uppp"
Cleaning is fast; you cut off the face and gills and gentials and wash out the guts.

The guy crabs have blue-purple claws, whereas the ladies have orangey-red "painted" claws.

This is Cheif Bigguns, the biggest of our catch.

This is him, at the dinner table.

This is travis, who thought he could beat the sun.
It was a nice day.

Monday, August 30, 2010

about william eggleston

We have another project in photo class to emulate a photographers style. While researching I found a guy I really like called William Eggleston. His birthday is the day before mine. Except he's about 71 now. Eggleston focuses on color when he shoots his pictures, and I absolutely love it. It reminded me of what I love to achieve when taking film photography. I wanted to share just a few of his pictures that I really like.

Keep in mind these are NOT mine. I don't want to get picked at for copyright infringement.

If you like his stuff, you can check out his site at http://egglestontrust.com/.

I'll be posting how my project turns out soon.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bentley camera

This half roll of pictures was an experiment with a camera my sister gave me, called a Bentley BX-3. It is a toy camera, worth about 5 dollars, that was broken (the shutter speed wasn't going) and I opened up and fixed. About 15 pictures in I dropped the camera and a whole bunch of pieces fell off, and my photography teacher spent awhile trying to fix the pieces and get the lens back on.
(Michelle... I'll be getting you another one)
After that, the shutter wasn't working again, and not wanting to lose the pictures I had I rewound it and just got those developed. It came to about 12 pictures. This roll was also lomography film.

These were taken over the course of one weekend, so I didn't shoot much. This should give you an idea of the focus and abilities of a toy camera, though.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Egg project.

For the start of the school year, I'm taking some enjoyable classes like AP psychology, photo 2, portfolio 3 and economics.
For photo 2 our first assignment was Egg.
All our requirements were that the picture had to be of an egg, and it could be many eggs and you could do anything with such eggs and it could be any kind of egg.

So... these are some of the pictures that turned out. I used 35mm lomography film. The ones that I like the most are up towards the top. I tried many different ideas.
This is after editing and trying to get the glare from the glass out. I know it isn't perfect, I'm still learning photoshop techniques.

edited facial features
When my film was developed at Walgreens, one of the photo specialists had gotten some of the frames jammed in the machine, giving it this interesting effect.
This might've been a nice picture, had the egg and the doll been in focus.