Friday, August 27, 2010

Bentley camera

This half roll of pictures was an experiment with a camera my sister gave me, called a Bentley BX-3. It is a toy camera, worth about 5 dollars, that was broken (the shutter speed wasn't going) and I opened up and fixed. About 15 pictures in I dropped the camera and a whole bunch of pieces fell off, and my photography teacher spent awhile trying to fix the pieces and get the lens back on.
(Michelle... I'll be getting you another one)
After that, the shutter wasn't working again, and not wanting to lose the pictures I had I rewound it and just got those developed. It came to about 12 pictures. This roll was also lomography film.

These were taken over the course of one weekend, so I didn't shoot much. This should give you an idea of the focus and abilities of a toy camera, though.

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