Wednesday, August 4, 2010

figure drawing

updated... here's some pieces from figure drawing. we've been practicing with using only lights and with using 50% gray paper.
 My paper started rolling, so I had to hold it down with my foot.
We learned about movement, and how to display this in our drawings. What we were supposed to do was keep the foot that they model kept in the same place at the same place on our paper and keep drawing as the model kept changing poses.

 We learned about contra posto, how the shoulders are tilted as the hips are tilted because as humans we shift our weight and need to balance ourselves out.
And we studied the skeleton, and how the body fits on it. Our model was extremely skinny that day..

Anyway, another thing is I leave Philly the 8th. Sunday night. And then school starts... the 9th! That will be fun.



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