Monday, August 2, 2010

the final

Today in illustration class one of our final projects is making an art blog. 
This actually might be a bit easier to get artwork and such up in a way where I can write about what this work is about. 

One of the projects we had this month was to create a spot illustration for any article.
This one is about a very depressed whale.

You can find the article about this whale
No, they don't really want to die.

We also had to create a logo for ourselves, sleek in design and noticable.
The elephant is broken up into pieces so the space appears to be an "H".

I've also been taking collage and experimental photo classes. I do love collage, one of my favorite pieces last year was what caused me to take this class.

That one is made from different materials like cardboard, india ink, china marker, magazine cutouts, tissue paper and soy sauce. The little spheres are painted with soy sauce. This piece features Bill Cosby if you can find him in there.
The label just says the title, Moon Basket.
We had a project in collage on people. This was real broad. We had to have three pieces, about 4x6. I decided that was too small.
I will have different pictures from figure drawing class too, but we are just starting to finish our big projects. so... that will be up soon.

We had to shoot a roll of 35mm color film on anxiety in experimental photo.
That... was a difficult project.
Those are just some of the roll. We had taken a trip to six flags, which was interesting to get pictures of people on different rides.
Too bad like a week later my friends and I had to walk maybe 2 miles in the rain and my hand held light meter got water damage.
It's currently relaxing in a bag of rice.

check with you later,

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